lundi 5 décembre 2011

DJ Devastate - Mellow Madness Volume 2

DJ Devastate

Fremdtunes mix for Wax Poetics...

Mellow Madness Volume 2

Mellow Madness Volume 2


DJ Devastate - Intro 
Damu TheFudgemunk - Another Introduction 
Kev Brown - 4 Better 4 Worse 
Thes One - Hy-Vee 
Daru Jones Ft. Kissey Asplund - So Good 
DJ Optimus - DNA Let The Music Play
D’Angelo - Left & Right (Sam Champ RMX)
Freddie Joachim - Cool Down 
Erykah Badu - Telephone (Freddie Joachim RMX)
Soulparlor Ft. Oddisee - Bang Illy 
SuffDaddy - One For Rawls
OptiMace - Arthus Day Off 
TettoryBad - Somewhere Far 
OptiMace - The Ultimate Rhyhtm machine (Kid Sundance RMX)
Postformat - Bionic Arms
Tue Track  - Track’s Having a Baby 
DJ Optimus Ft. Prince Po  - Pound For Pound 
The Roots - Eve 
Wildcookie - Heroine

Plus d'infos: DJ Devastate
                   Wax Poetics

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